chroma: a reference book of LaTeX colors


chroma is a reference book that presents several lists of colors and their respective parameters in a number of color models.

  • `Colors by parameters' displays systematic series of colors, based on 3-tuples of numbers that are interpreted as color parameters in the `rgb', `cmy', and `hsb' color models.
  • `Colors by name' displays sets of colors that have been given specific names such that LaTeX users do not have to care about their parametrisation. However, as soon as there is the intention to use these colors outside the LaTeX world (e.g. website construction or drawing programs), the parameters suddenly gain importance. For each color name, we display
    • the color itself plus the name of the underlying model,
    • a 50%-tint (mixture with `white'),
    • a 50%-tone (mixture with `gray'),
    • a 50%-shade (mixture with `black'),
    • and the complementary color.
    Additionally, for the base colors defined by the xcolor package, also all 50%-mixes of base color pairs are included.


Dr. Uwe Kern (chroma at ukern dot de)


Latest version: v1.00 (2004/04/04)

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Known issues

  • None.


New features in upcoming releases:

  • Additional colors.